AND SOY Organic Soybeans

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Organic Soybeans from Austria (free of genetic engineering)
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You can make up to 1,5 L soy milk at home with 90 grams of soybeans.

Commercial, ready-to-use soy milk contains significant amounts of additives (such as starch and sugar) for consistency and taste - read the labels. One reason for making soy milk at home is to know and control the ingredients. Without those additives, your homemade, fresh soy milk may taste slightly different from commercial soy milk that's manufactured to have an extended shelf life.

How to duplicate the taste and texture of commercial soy milk

First, make the soy milk with AND SOY Maker. Let the milk cool down to warm, then add 1/8 tsp. sea salt and 3 tbsp. organic brown rice syrup. Stir to mix well. 


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